Social Lunch Club

Virtue Integrated Care provide a range of engaging social options, delivered from our newly built Health and Wellness Centre on Pottery Rd, Dun Laoghaire.  Our Social Lunch Club offers you a safe space to socialise with old friends and new.  We are now offering half day sessions.  You can choose to attend our morning session 10-13.30 or our afternoon session 14-17.30.

Our delicious lunch service is accompanied by entertainment and arts. Our professional team have lots of experience working with older people and supporting any needs that you might have.  Missa, our Senior Social Care Partner & Clodagh and Beatrice are there to help our members to have a great time.  Both Clodagh & Beatrice are level 8 Social Care qualified, professional, bubbly, empathetic and considerate. They bring their fun loving nature to the Social Club where they support all of our activities.

Social Club Team



Social Care Manager
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I am a confident and highly proficient Social Care Manager with 13 years working experience augmented by qualifications in BA Hons Social Care and Dip in Addiction Studies and 10 years continuous personal professional development . I’ve spent 13 years working in various areas within Disability Services, social justice services and Eldercare.

I have an approachable, friendly but professional persona. My work ethic ensures that the individuals I support receive the highest standard of care and support in personal development. My aim in completion of work being to provide for the self-development, individuality, and independence of everyone by providing a fun, creative, supportive environment.

I  lead the team of Social Care Partners who were employed for their education and experience but also for their compassionate and empathic natures. We will work with you to tailor a social programme that will meet all your needs. I will consider all your abilities and any limitations you may have and ensure you have a very meaningful, social and engaging day in The Pottery. I will support you in linking in with any multi-Disciplinary team member you require.

I strongly believe Seniors who are socially engaged benefit from a bigger sense of belonging and higher self-esteem levels. When seniors connect with those who are passionate about the same things they are, it forms lasting bonds and confidence. The feeling of connectedness to others and to a community or neighbourhood contributes to wellbeing as well as a feeling of independence.

Some activities on offer will include: Art therapy, music reminisce, armchair travel, bingo, quiz and crossword, sing songs, baking, gardening, book club, wood work, beauty and grooming sessions, aromatherapy , reiki , aerobics classes, indoor golf and many more games. Alongside this we will also offer excursions to many local attractions.



Senior Social Care Partner
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Missa has two college degrees, a Ba Hons in Fine Art and a BA in Integrative Art Psychotherapy. A motivated, personable professional worker with a successful 6 year accomplishment of running the art department in two day services. A registered Art tutor with the teaching council of Ireland. A pre-accredited art psychotherapist, currently working towards full accreditation and registered with the IACP. Demonstrated history of producing large scale events for clients to showcase their art work.



Social Care Partner
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Beatrice enjoys volunteering in her local church. She enjoys trying new things and is excited to start up a book club and cards club within The Pottery. She is working towards expanding her knowledge in the area of Dementia care.

Beatrice is level 8 Social Care qualified.



Social Care Partner
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Clodagh has a BA Hons in Applied Social Care,  and took a keen interest in facilitating creative arts in college.  Clodagh is looking forward to encouraging clients to enhance their own creativity and build their confidence through reigniting passion in old hobbies and interests.

Clodagh loves sitting down with clients for meaningful conversations. She believes seeing a smile on their face is the most rewarding part of work. 

The Pottery Activities

Art – This programme consists of a variety of art activities, from painting and drawing to seasonal crafts.  Most people struggle connecting with creativity due to feelings of guilt and shame from schooling. Classes like these are to remind clients how to be carefree and have fun in the process. A series of these classes tend to open the door for client’s interest in art, later developing their own style.

Music Reminiscence – This programme consists of Listening to music that is familiar and connected to memories of past events. Music has an emotional impact, stimulate memory associations. This leading, in turn, to a positive effect on depression and anxiety in elderly populations. Particularly, those living with dementia.

Mindfulness – Mindfulness is all about cultivating presence, awareness, and non-judgment. The practice of mindfulness offers a different way of dealing with stress, by calming the mind and body. As we age, we may worry more about our physical health, but that doesn’t mean we can let our mental health go. Mindful meditation promotes many physical and psychological benefits.

Reiki -Because it is so gentle, reiki is a good touch therapy for aging adults for whom more rigorous massage could be uncomfortable or damaging. Seniors can often suffer from chronic aches and pains, and reiki may help decrease or manage pain in a variety of patients.

Floristry – In addition to beautifying our surroundings, flower arranging encourages improved manual dexterity, promotes sensory stimulation, and can also reduce stress. Clients can create small arrangements or bouquets to bring home with them.

Armchair Travel – Armchair Travel takes people to faraway places without leaving the comfort of the Livingroom. It provides a sensory experience and the opportunity to learn about exotic lands and important past events in a meaningful manner. Clients will get the opportunity to explore various destinations around the world.

Book club – The benefits of joining a book club are to make new friends, learn new things and to encourage cultural awareness. This activity will consist of picking a new book to read or listen to with peers and then discuss, gaining new perspectives.

Armchair Aerobics – The benefit of this activity is to cultivate better flexibility and range of motion, increase blood circulation and it lowers levels of stress and anxiety. In armchair aerobics, exercise doesn’t have to be boring or mundane, a level of fun is created by adding music and props to the activity.

Board games – Board games can enhance memory formation and help exercise cognitive skills. A lot of games also tend to be low stress and can be calming, helping lower blood pressure. Bring out your competitive side by challenging your peers to different board games such as Ludo, Scrabble, battleships and many more!

Bingo – As it turns out, a good old-fashioned game of Bingo packs major mental and physical health benefits such as increasing mental flexibility and awareness, exercises hand-eye coordination and encourages socialization.

Crosswords & Quizzes – Exercising the mind to keep it active is as important as maintaining physical fitness and strength in older age. To ensure that the brain works as best as it can, the mind needs to be challenged every day. Thankfully, exercising the mind can be fun and easy to do thanks to quick games like crosswords and quizzes.

Film Club – Watching movies can reduce isolation, foster friendships, stimulate empathy, and provide a mental ‘time out’. It is also a wonderful reminiscing opportunity!

Learn a new language – Learning a new language will help preserve cognitive abilities. Additionally, it will help with self-confidence and may even present an opportunity for increased socialization.

Photography – How to use a digital camera/ iPad / mobile phone to take creative photographs (this will be individualised depending on what item each client is using. The creation of small flash cards with icons to access camera or to take or delete an image can be of benefit to some clients that struggle with technology. This gives them the independence to use their chosen form of technology by themselves.

Nature outings/ local park – Scientists are beginning to find evidence that being in nature has a profound impact on our brains and our behaviour, helping us to reduce anxiety, brooding, and stress, and to increase our attention capacity, creativity, and ability to connect with other people. Clients will be taken to the local park for walks and outdoor activities in nature.

Baking – Everyday activities like baking are beneficial for seniors, as it is both stimulating and calming. Baking can help to bring back memories, stimulate the senses, improve appetite (which can encourage a better relationship with food) and it’s great for keeping the brain active, as it involves weighing and measuring.